Dragonfly Capital Raises $650M for Third Crypto Fund

Posted: 27 Apr 2022 04:02 AM PDT

The new fund will allow Dragonfly to lead rounds in later-stage companies, the firm said.

Former Homeland Security Chief Nielsen to Join Astra as Adviser

Posted: 27 Apr 2022 04:00 AM PDT

Another top aide to former President Donald Trump is joining the Swiss crypto startup, Astra Protocol. Ex-Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen has been hired as an adviser right on the heels of former Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney.

Bitcoin's Derivative Data Suggests Potential for 'Short Squeeze'

Posted: 27 Apr 2022 03:31 AM PDT

A short squeeze occurs where an unexpected rise in the asset's price has bears unwinding their positions.

Dogecoin, Terra Fall Steepest Among Majors as ‘Long’ Traders Lose $280M

Posted: 27 Apr 2022 03:26 AM PDT

Crypto markets lost some 3.5% in capitalization over the past 24 hours but seemed to gradually recover in European morning hours on Wednesday.

World's First Combined Bitcoin, Gold ETP Listed on SIX

Posted: 27 Apr 2022 01:07 AM PDT

The world's first exchange-traded product (ETP) that combined exposure to bitcoin and gold has been listed on the Swiss SIX stock exchange.

Cardano Network Developers Increase Block Size by 10%

Posted: 27 Apr 2022 12:56 AM PDT

The upgrade did little to buffer up ADA prices in a falling market.

Europe's Lawmakers Set to Advance Discussion of Controversial Crypto AML Rules

Posted: 27 Apr 2022 12:00 AM PDT

Talks on contentious anti-money laundering rules for the sector are reaching the closing stage, but some hope there'll be wiggle room on small payments, unhosted wallets and transition periods.

Six of 10 Salvadorans Quit Using the Chivo Wallet After Getting the Bitcoin Incentive, Study Finds

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 11:11 PM PDT

"Most users who used Chivo after spending the $30 bonus do not engage with the app intensively," the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research reported.

Brazilian Senate Plenary Approves Bill Regulating Crypto Transactions

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 08:58 PM PDT

The bill will be voted on by the Chamber of Deputies and, if approved, can be vetoed by the executive branch.

Central Bank of Cuba to License Digital Asset Service Providers

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 07:38 PM PDT

Licenses will be valid for one year and may be extended for an additional year, the bank announced Tuesday.

New York State Assembly Passes Bill Blocking New Crypto Mines That Use Non-Renewable Power

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 08:11 PM PDT

The bill will impose a two-year moratorium on new crypto mining firms that use a carbon-based energy source. Existing facilities aren't affected by the bill, nor are any that tap renewable resources.

First Mover Asia: Spot Bitcoin ETFs Are Launching in Australia but Elsewhere They Face Brutal Fund Outflows

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 03:26 PM PDT

Australia follows a lengthy list of spot bitcoin issuances in Europe and Canada, but these products come at a challenging time for crypto.

Yield Guild Games Partner Ola GG Raises $8M to Expand P2E in Spanish-Speaking Markets

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 02:56 PM PDT

The funds will be used to acquire yield-generating NFTs and create language-specific educational content.

Crypto Market's Direction During a Recession Might Depend on Nasdaq

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 02:41 PM PDT

Because of bitcoin's strong correlation to the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index in recent months, the cryptocurrency's performance during a recession might depend on the direction of broader markets.

Robinhood Cuts 9% of Workforce as ‘Hyper Growth’ Slows

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 01:44 PM PDT

CEO Vlad Tenev said the platform's rapid growth in 2020 and 2021 led to duplication of roles and functions.

Market Wrap: Cryptos and Stocks Fall; Bitcoin Trades Below $40K

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 01:15 PM PDT

Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos declined on Tuesday, tracking losses in stocks. Some analysts are watching for signs of a decisive breakout or breakdown beyond $40K. Meanwhile DOGE pared most of yesterday's rally.

The Future of Crypto Payments Will Be Centralized

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 01:06 PM PDT

Custodial wallets will be the lynchpin of retail crypto payments, says the co-founder of Flexa. This post is part of CoinDesk's Payments Week.

Elon Musk Wants to Authenticate Every Twitter User. Crypto Twitter Should Take Notice

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 01:03 PM PDT

Lighting Payments Come to Mobile Games, Fueling Bitcoin Adoption

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 12:53 PM PDT

THNDR CEO Des Dickerson sees gaming as fertile ground for layer 2 payments and a big avenue for bringing new Bitcoiners into the fold. This piece is part of CoinDesk's Payments Week.

Don’t Blame Crypto for Corruption

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 11:44 AM PDT

An IMF study that suggests crypto is facilitating corruption is off target.

Bitcoin Slips Toward $38K After Rally Fizzles

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 11:30 AM PDT

Russia's suspension of gas supplies to Poland appeared to darken the largest cryptocurrency's failed attempt to hold gains above $40K, market analysts say.

Twitter Wants to Be a Public Platform

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 10:59 AM PDT

Bitcoin Pullback Deepens, Support at $37K

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 10:57 AM PDT

Bitcoin (BTC) extended its pullback, although support at $37,500 could stabilize the down move. There is risk of a breakdown in price, especially if momentum signals remain negative.

La Ciudad de Buenos Aires habilitará el pago de impuestos con criptomonedas

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 10:13 AM PDT

El gobierno de esa ciudad no recibirá criptomonedas, sino pesos argentinos, dijo el alcalde Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

NFTs, the New 'Social Media Playbook'

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 09:52 AM PDT

How big businesses will really use NFTs.

FalconX Tests Waters as First Full-Fledged Crypto Derivatives Dealer

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 09:42 AM PDT

FalconX became the first crypto native firm to formally register as a U.S. swap dealer this month, and the startup's chief executive officer, Raghu Yarlagadda, sees a massive, underserved market.

CXIP Labs Taps Celebrity Investments in $6.5M Round for NFT Development Suite

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 09:27 AM PDT

The NFT-minting protocol has plans to launch a series of creator and enterprise targeted products.

Buenos Aires City to Allow Residents to Make Tax Payments With Crypto

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 09:19 AM PDT

The crypto will be converted to Argentine pesos by crypto firms before being handed over to the city, said Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

Fort Worth to Become First US City to Mine Bitcoin

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 09:09 AM PDT

Fort Worth in Texas will begin a pilot project with three Antminer S9 mining rigs following a vote by the city council on Tuesday.

Fast, Fluid, Frictionless Payments Are the Future

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 08:28 AM PDT

For a technology to hit the big time, it's got to evolve. What will be the catalyst that pushes crypto towards mass adoption?

MicroStrategy to Offer Workers Bitcoin Options in 401(k) Accounts via Fidelity

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 08:16 AM PDT

CEO Michael Saylor's tweet comes the same day Fidelity said it will begin offering bitcoin investments in its 401(k) accounts later this year.

Grayscale Eyeing Expansion Into European Crypto Fund Market: Report

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 07:46 AM PDT

Grayscale Investments is eyeing expansion into the European market for crypto funds, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

First Mover Americas: Bitcoin's Price Bounce Stalls; Options 'Max Pain' in Focus

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 07:30 AM PDT

The latest moves in crypto markets in context for April 26, 2022.

The Lightning Network Is Bringing Payments Back to Bitcoin

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 06:51 AM PDT

The Lightning Network, which enables small and instant bitcoin payments, is getting bigger and more useful. Here's a state of play. This piece is part of CoinDesk's Payments Week.

Why Haven't Crypto Payments Taken Off?

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 06:15 AM PDT

As part of CoinDesk's Payments Week, we asked a number of engineers, executives and experts to weigh in on the substantial questions weighing on the industry. In this roundtable discussion, they answer the question of why after 13 years, haven't crypto payments taken off?

DEX Protocol 0x Labs Raises $70M From Greylock, OpenSea and Jared Leto

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 06:02 AM PDT

0x was tapped last week to power Coinbase's new NFT marketplace.

Coinme Enters Its 49th State, Installing Bitcoin ATMs in Vermont Grocery Stores

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 06:00 AM PDT

Bitcoin ATM operator Coinme is arriving in Vermont, its 49th state. Only New York remains uncracked. @camlearnscrypto reports

Fireblocks Sees $500M Stampede Into Terra DeFi in First Week

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 06:00 AM PDT

Pent-up demand for Terra's ecosystem among early access program hedge funds and wealthy investors has been "crazy," Fireblocks said.

Decentralized Forex Is Coming to Terra: Vertex Protocol Raises $8.5M

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 06:00 AM PDT

Vertex protocol raised $8.5 million to build a decentralized foreign exchange for Terra-based stablecoins. @camlearnscrypto reports

Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark Raises $35M in Equipment-Backed Debt From Trinity Capital

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 06:00 AM PDT

Equipment-based financing is becoming an increasingly popular option for mining firms to fund their growth.

Bitcoin's Correlation With Gold-Backed PAXG Token Weakens to Record Low

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 03:47 AM PDT

Bitcoin's inverse correlation with PAXG represents the leading cryptocurrency's recent behavior as a risk asset rather than a store-of-value.

Dogecoin, ApeCoin See Higher-Than-Usual Liquidations in Volatile Trading

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 03:10 AM PDT

Futures tracking the two tokens notched up nearly $35 million in losses for traders.

Australian Crypto ETF Launch Delayed Due to Pressure From Unidentified Broker: Report

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 01:57 AM PDT

The launch of three crypto ETFs in Australia has been blocked less than 24-hours before it was due to be listed on CBOE Australia.

Fidelity Investments Will Offer Bitcoin Inclusion in Its 401(k) Accounts

Posted: 26 Apr 2022 12:01 AM PDT

Investors can use part of their savings to invest in the world's largest cryptocurrency if their employers allow it.

Dorsey Praises Musk's Twitter Buy: 'Elon Is the Singular Solution'

Posted: 25 Apr 2022 07:37 PM PDT

"Taking it back from Wall Street is the correct first step," Twitter founder and erstwhile CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted Monday.

First Mover Asia: Slow Start to the Week for Crypto as China Lockdowns Drag on Stocks, S&P 500

Posted: 25 Apr 2022 04:33 PM PDT

Major equity markets in Asia have declined significantly in recent months, and bitcoin has followed a similar pattern.

NFL Draft Goes NFT: Football League Releases New Collection on Polygon

Posted: 25 Apr 2022 02:00 PM PDT

The league says its official NFT platform is still in its "test and learn" phase, but has seen promising results since launching last November.

Market Wrap: Cryptos Mixed as Global Uncertainty Lingers; Dogecoin Pumps

Posted: 25 Apr 2022 01:21 PM PDT

Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptos were mixed on Monday, although dogecoin (DOGE) surged by 14% amid reports that Twitter will accept Elon Musk's takeover offer. Stocks were also mixed, although analysts are watching for signs of stabilization across risk assets.

New York Lawmakers Advance Mining Moratorium Bill to Full Assembly

Posted: 25 Apr 2022 01:19 PM PDT

The bill would place a two-year moratorium on new permits for proof-of-work mining operations in former power plants.

Moonbirds COO Leaves Project for New Fund – With $1M in NFTs in Tow

Posted: 25 Apr 2022 01:08 PM PDT

Founder Kevin Rose addressed the controversial exit of Ryan Carson, the project's chief operating officer, in a Twitter Spaces on Monday.

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