DeFi Lender Rari Capital/Fei Loses $80M in Hack

Posted: 30 Apr 2022 09:48 AM PDT

Why We Need Crypto Payments to Work

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 03:52 PM PDT

One word: competition. This op-ed is part of CoinDesk's Payments Week.

Bitcoin pierde impulso y su soporte se ubica en $35K-37K

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 03:28 PM PDT

El rango de trading de BTC podría persistir hasta la próxima semana.

Panamá aprueba ley cripto que regula transacciones y aplica exenciones impositivas

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 02:06 PM PDT

El proyecto de ley regula el comercio de criptomonedas y les aplica 0% de impuestos a las ganancias de capital.

Please Don’t Buy a 'KYC’d' Wallet for the Bored Apes Team’s Otherside Mint

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 02:05 PM PDT

Yuga Labs' long awaited "Otherside" NFT sale has spawned a secondary market for specially registered Ethereum addresses. Caveat emptor.

Market Wrap: Cryptos and Stocks Dip Ahead of Seasonally Strong May

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 01:36 PM PDT

Bitcoin (BTC) is lagging equities, gold and other commodities so far this year. Still, May tends to be a seasonally strong month for crypto and other speculative assets.

5 Questions for Chris ‘Crypto Dad’ Giancarlo

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 01:29 PM PDT

The ex Commodity Futures Trading Commission chief discusses regulation, digital dollars and financial inclusion. This article is part of CoinDesk's Payments Week.

Aciertos y desafíos de bitcoin en El Salvador, según la compañía que facilitó su adopción

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 01:22 PM PDT

Athena Bitcoin implementó cajeros automáticos de bitcoin una semana después de que el presidente de El Salvador legalizara bitcoin como moneda de curso legal. A pesar de problemas en el lanzamiento, la empresa sigue siendo optimista con el proyecto. Este artículo forma parte de la Payments Week de CoinDesk.

Juno Blockchain Community Officially Votes to Revoke Whale’s Tokens

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 01:17 PM PDT

Takumi Asano says he may pursue legal action against the Cosmos-based chain's validators unless the confiscated funds are returned to his investors.

Wall Street’s Latest ‘Market Manipulation’ Scandal Should Be a Wake-Up Call for Crypto

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 11:42 AM PDT

Archegos levered a small basket of equities to the moon before it imploded - and took big stocks down with it. Similarly overlooked risks in crypto could leave traders holding the bag.

Labor Costs Jump by Most in 2 Decades, Adding to Inflationary Surge

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 11:26 AM PDT

Both the employment cost index (ECI) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) price index accelerated in the first quarter, adding inflationary pressure.

How Crypto Could Spearhead Retail Payments in 2022

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 11:12 AM PDT

Attracted by its reduced fees, faster transactions, and choice selection, here's how retailers could move to embrace the booming industry, which shows no signs of slowing down.

Alex Adelman: The Rewards of Bitcoin

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 11:06 AM PDT

The founder of Lolli on why New York is behind Miami in attracting crypto startups and how brands can use bitcoin to win more customers. Adelman is a speaker at CoinDesk's Consensus festival in June.

Crypto’s Diversity Problem: It’s Complicated

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 10:48 AM PDT

Permissionless innovation lowers barriers for disadvantaged groups but crypto is still dominated in key ways by white males, says CoinDesk's chief content officer.

Bitcoin Momentum Weakens; Support at $35K-$37K

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 10:44 AM PDT

Bitcoin (BTC) price momentum has weakened over the past month, which suggests the current trading range could persist into next week. Upside appears to be limited.

Swiss National Bank Owns No Bitcoin, but Could Buy in the Future, Chairman Says

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 09:43 AM PDT

Buying the cryptocurrency technically feasible, but didn't meet norms, Thomas Jordan said.

Nexo Token Enjoys Short-Lived Rally Upon Binance Listing

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 09:17 AM PDT

The NEXO token surged nearly 60% after Binance's listing went live earlier Friday.

Banks Don’t Need Extra Crypto Protections Yet, EU Regulator Says

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 09:07 AM PDT

The European Banking Authority said it will kick off work to map out crypto activities and spot new financial risks this year.

International Tax Consortium Lists ‘Red Flag Indicators’ of Fraud in NFT Marketplaces

Posted: 29 Apr 2022 08:47 AM PDT

The guidance, which is the first of its kind from the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement, lists both strong and moderate indicators of fraud.

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