First Mover Asia: Singapore’s Distaste for Retail Crypto Is Spooking Institutional Money

Posted: 01 May 2022 04:35 PM PDT

Three Arrows Capital's decision last week to move its headquarters to Dubai reflects growing concerns about Singapore's increasing regulatory scrutiny of crypto; bitcoin returns to where it started the weekend.

Wikipedia to Stop Accepting Crypto Donations on Environmental, Other Grounds

Posted: 01 May 2022 11:38 AM PDT

BAYC Team Raises $285M With Otherside NFTs, Clogs Ethereum

Posted: 01 May 2022 08:31 AM PDT

The virtual land rush for the ape-centered metaverse project has already cost traders more than $176 million in fees alone.

Crypto Venture Capital's Rejection of Venture Capital and ‘The Box’

Posted: 01 May 2022 07:50 AM PDT

The mechanics behind crypto yield farming are eerily simple, but that simplicity should act as a warning label rather than an advertisement.

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