Global Crypto Regulatory Body Is Coming Soon, Says Top Official

Posted: 12 May 2022 07:08 AM PDT

A joint body to coordinate efforts at regulating crypto at the global level could become a reality in the next year, according to IOSCO chair Ashley Alder.

First Mover Americas: BTC Drops to 2020 Levels of $25K; Tether Loses $1 Peg

Posted: 12 May 2022 06:55 AM PDT

The latest moves in crypto markets in context for May 12,2022.

Soluna Receives $35M From Spring Lane to Build Green Data Centers

Posted: 12 May 2022 06:39 AM PDT

The money brings Soluna's total funding for data centers co-located with renewable energy assets to $100 million.

6th Man Ventures Raises $145M for Crypto Fund: Report

Posted: 12 May 2022 06:28 AM PDT

It's the second fund for the venture capital firm led by The Block founder Mike Dudas.

Startup cripto Belo levanta $3 millones en ronda seed para expandirse a Brasil y México

Posted: 12 May 2022 06:19 AM PDT

La compañía argentina también planea lanzar servicios para empresas en el segundo trimestre de 2022.

Blue Studios, Unstoppable Domains Roll Out Family Crypto Wallets

Posted: 12 May 2022 06:00 AM PDT

In addition to the wallet product, the two companies are launching a Family DAO product.

Why One Adviser Is Pumping the Brakes on Crypto

Posted: 12 May 2022 06:00 AM PDT

Financial advisors and crypto assets don't historically mix, and despite all the progress the industry has made, that's often still the case.

Crypto Investing Means Staying Positive Amid Volatility

Posted: 12 May 2022 05:50 AM PDT

The price of bitcoin is dropping, bringing the entire crypto market down to earth. Will that put a damper on mainstream adoption?

PancakeSwap Aims to Reduce Cake Supply and Increase Farming Rewards

Posted: 12 May 2022 05:49 AM PDT

A governance proposal centered around tokenomics has been put forth by Pancakeswap, the largest DeFi application on the Binance Chain.

Terra-Based DeFi Protocol Anchor Proposes Cutting UST Yield Rates to 4%

Posted: 12 May 2022 05:18 AM PDT

The proposal comes amid ongoing concerns regarding the long-term stability of Terra tokens LUNA and UST.

Chainalysis Raises $170M at $8.6B Valuation

Posted: 12 May 2022 05:17 AM PDT

The crypto sleuthing firm says it tools monitor $1 trillion worth of transactions every month.

Lighthouse Raises $7M to Be the Search Engine of the Metaverse

Posted: 12 May 2022 04:30 AM PDT

The platform is looking to bring interoperability to an array of virtual worlds.

Terra Proposes Token Burn and Increase in Pool Size to Stop UST Dilution

Posted: 12 May 2022 02:45 AM PDT

Terra believes that decreasing the amount of UST in circulation, while increasing the amount of available LUNA, is the easiest way to return the UST to a peg.

Crypto Banking Platform BVNK Raises $40M to Drive Regulatory Push

Posted: 12 May 2022 02:41 AM PDT

BVNK, a banking and payments platform targeting businesses seeking crypto integration, has raised $40 million in Series A funding.

Terra’s LUNA Has Dropped 99.7% in Under a Week. That’s Good for UST

Posted: 12 May 2022 02:39 AM PDT

The price of LUNA tokens slid 96% in the past 24 hours alone, prompting more to be minted in a mechanism that helped lift the value of UST.

Australian Crypto ETF Listings Kick Off With Low Volumes Amid Crypto Correction

Posted: 12 May 2022 01:36 AM PDT

Three crypto ETFs went live in Australia as bitcoin struggles to turn the tide following a devastating move to the downside.

Tether Loses $1 Peg, Bitcoin Drops to 2020 Levels of Near $24K

Posted: 12 May 2022 12:26 AM PDT

Weak sentiment around stablecoins may have contributed to USDT's depegging this morning.

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